Universal business conditions of company JPD group s.r.o.

for contract of sale closed through electronic business


Nr. 1

Basic established


(1)Contract of sale closed through electronic business are prepared with established law No. 22/2004 about electronically business, law No. 250/2007 about protection of consumer, law No. 108/2000 about protection of consumer with doorstep selling and forwarding selling and with law No. 40/1964 from civil code and team universal on business conditions (then „ VOP") titivate details with close down and realization.

(2) Service provider is JPD group s.r.o., corporate Záhradnácka 46/A, 821 08 Bratislava - mestská časť Ružinov, ICO: 54050847, Trade Certificate published OU Bratislava, union trade of business („ Provider").

(3)Provider make publicing list of commodity, which is offering consumer and makes it possible to consumer commodity ordering through application on Internet address http://www.pascalplast.com (e - commerce). These conditions in business are controlled on purchase in electronically business. With sending order form electronic business consumer expressed, that the universal on business conditions has read in complete range, understanding them content and all conditions and as though with them is agree.

(4) Purchase commodity through electronic business can use natural persons and legal entities without regarding on legally form.



Information about commodity and price


.1) price of commodity is complete with btw. In some cases is price without spending on delivery on order commodity to the intended place, which is hosted as supplementary service

(2) Provider reverse that right adjusted price commodity listed in catalog electronic business with orders of all commodity, as far he detect, that the given to price was wrong mentioned. About this fact will be consumer informed before he is confirming his order.



Commodity ordering


(1) As far is not other givenness commodity mentioned, commodity, which is listed in catalog electronic business consumer ordering progressed betray into instruction "how to buy". This instruction is placed in menu electronic business.

(2) Order sending is conditional of registration consumer in provider database and confirmed with VOP and his personally data processing.

(3) After sending order will consumer receive information email with articles "Filed order", which will acknowledge of order in process. This is no contract of sale between provider and consumer and there is no confirmation of order.


Nr. 4



(1) After overalls dispensable commodity and valid object of publisher order consumer will acknowledge enqueue email repair with article "confirmation order". Confirmation will specified total price on order commodity and services and binding dead-line , which can be longer as standard with agree of consumer shown in conditions to the-assessment 10 day



Contract of sale, recision from contract of sale


(1) Contract of sale between provider and consumer will originate exposition tax certificate – Invoice. After exposition invoice will commodity sended to consumer, when this services was ordered.

(2) consumer rises right to recise  from contract of sale with conditions modified in law No. 108/2000 about protection consumer with doorstep selling and forwarding selling, till seven work days up taking of commodity.

(3) Returned commodity have to be completely and undamaged. He cannot have steps from application.  Commodity has to be returned with all accessories and in original cover.

(4) Recision from contract of sale is relation established nr. 6, from. 2, 3 and nr. 4, from. 2. spending on backup commodity know consumer.

(5) In case of valid and effective recision from contract of sale has provider obligatory returned consumer price payed for commodity till 15 days from day of recision. When the commodity is  incomplete, damaged, used, consumer duty bound reimbursed provider costs, which accrue during ushered product to the authentic state.

(6) consumer has his right to recision from contract can apply to the 7 work day delivered commodity, in writing , electronic by post on address jpdgroup.plast@gmail.com, but personally in seat provider. By telephone and sending SMS repair right to recision from contract apply impossibility.



Nr. 6

Sterility offer, cancelling


(1) Provider is fixed with offer with price of commodity from confirmation order with electronic message with subject "Confirmed order" after as much as expiration of delivery time, which was agreed with customer.

(2) In case, that the order was not confirmed, consumer have the right to cancelled . In this case become customer no invoiced cancellation payment.

(3) in case, that the consumer will cancel already confirmed order, he has to pay to the provider all demonstrated serviceable expended on costs, which him arose in connexion with realization of order, in case that consumer cancel order after sending from provider to customer arose spending on transport commodity. In case, that the consumer reimbursed reserve behind on order commodity, this will be not given back.

(4) If consumer cancel order from reason violation publicizes price or provider delivery time, cancellation payment will be not invoiced and reimbursed reserve will return back.

(5) Consumer can order cancel expedition on email address jpdgroup.plast@gmail.com or personally in seat of provider.

(6) Provider has right to cancel order, if commodity is not valid and he can send the commodity to the customer, or the price cannot be like in shop, or he can make other agreement with customer.

(7) Provider  has the right to cancel order in case that he can reach the customer on phone. In this case, has the customer duty reimbursed cancellation payment, like in case of storno from order consumer.

(8) About cancellation of order will be provable informed by email (jpdgroup.plast@gmail.com or pascalplast@gmail.com).



Nr. 7

Payment conditions


(1) With payment for collection on delivery consumer must pay price commodity invoiced and extra pay like currently tariff, which is mentioned on page electronic business. Totally price of COD consumer will pay completely price when he is possession parcel.

(2) In case back payments with bank transfer at the expense of, consumer will realize payment without delay after confirmed order, latest in 3 days. Purchase commodity will be dispatch after as much as paid his awards, wherewith thinking allocation is completely awards commodity includes premium pay for shipping at the expense of provider. If the payment will be not allocated at the expense of to five days at order confirmation, he has right to cancel order.


(3) In case, that the contractual societies will originate title to backspace provided admission or provided admission damped for cancellation payment, will be compensate in 15 days from formation right to backspace induction, from valid abdications from contract of sale.



Nr. 8

Conditions to the-assessment commodity


(1) If not others, provider spondeo commodity delivery latest to the 15 work days from email confirmation order consumer and with  payment Internet bank transfer system but bank transfer at the expense of to the 10 work days from allocation  back payments at the expense of provider.

(2) With delivered commodity will consumer spondeo to open delivery for customer and detect, if everything is completely and undamaged. In case, that the find incompleted or damaged parcel, he make a list about it in conjunction with courier memorandum. Consumer is liable as soon after consignment shipment commodity completely unpack and be sure if it’s not damaged. In case mechanical damage is spondeo without delay to inform provider. On later reclamation of mechanical damage won't observe.

(3) As far consumer unreasonably dismiss adapt and paid COD supplied by commodity, is bounden to pay provider reimbursed costs, which arose him with attempt about shipment of commodity consumer.



Processing personal data


(1) Provider accumulate consumer personally data severalty for admission of his terms to consumer, namely largely with exposition of invoices, coming quantity reduction, contacted consumer in context with tackler his order and consignment on order commodity. Provider is responding, that the personally data consumer will not use for other purposes, they will be not enable for gaud persons (except range needs for delivery commodity).

(2) Provider accumulate personally data consumer in this range: First name, Second name, e-mail address, opinion firm, invoicing address, address to the-assessment, phone contact.

(3) In case, that the consumer in registration want actual information about offering from provider, it will happened per email address of consumer. About cancelling from this can consumer ask electronic by post on address .

(4) When consumer send  order and confirmed VOP at the same time give yes on processing  his personally data in the extent like that established VOP.


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In Bratislava, 25. November  2022