avio fiber race fairings

Pascalplast Avio fiber fairings

What is Avio fiber and what can you expect from our Avio fiber products

Woven glass fiber, avio fiber, is a remarkable material widely used in aerospace and high-performance industries

Lightness and flexibility of aviofiber race fairings ensuring optimal performance on the track

The reinforcement of grip points with carbon kevlar providing exceptional durability and resistance to impacts

In Pascalplast all our aviofiber parts come in a black gel coat and black primer, the result is matte finish

We pay great attention to precision 




Aviofiber fairings come in black on the outside and inside



Aviofiber fairings are ready for immediate  use or next painting. If you decide to painting then your painter won't have almost any work with surface treatment before painting!



  • Every fairing that leaves our workshop meets the highest standards of quality and strength
  • The surface finish is guaranteeing smoothness that enhances aerodynamics and reduces drag
  • With our race fairings, you can trust that every detail has been carefully considered to optimize your racing experience



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